Brondell Cypress HF-31 Composite Plus Filter

A part of the Cypress countertop filtration system from Brondell, this Composite Plus Filter (HF-31) works in two steps. One of the three needed for the Brondell Cypress, the HF-31 is the Composite Plus filter. This composite filter helps protect the other filters of the Cypress by reducing the particulates that can get into your water supply, like sand and rust. It's recommended to change this filter every 6 months. Quick Connect:Filter is easily replaceable Two-step Filtration:Reduces particulates and acts as a pre-filter Composite Plus:Stage one of a three part filtration system

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Brondell Cypress HF-31 Composite Plus Filter Review

I switched to Brondell because I buy quality things. I will never go to any other again. Best additional I have ever owned!!!!

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