EASTON Stealth RS Composite Stick -Jr

The Stealth RS is built for the ultimate sniper, built to give you the confidence you need to be a finisher on every scoring opportunity. The New RS Features a Matte finish with a Low kick point and Pro shaft dimension. The shaft is wrapped in Kevlar which provides protection and a dampened feel as well as a lighter, stronger and better performing shaft that loads and unloads with more force. The shaft also has an Elliptical profile in the taper results in less torsional twist and less loss of energy, resulting in a quicker release. The RS for greater accuracy, the blade stays closed through the shot. This is achieved by combining compression and pressure processes used with advanced core materials. Up your goal total with the Brand new Easton Stealth RS

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EASTON Stealth RS Composite Stick -Jr Review

This product has nice 69.99 and it's from trustworthy Easton.It's Worth your money, because it has good quality.

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