MusclePharm (r) Amino1 (tm) - Fruit Punch

HYBRID SERIES REVOLUTIONARY SPORTS PERFORMANCE RECOVERY FUEL Rebuild Muscle & Recover Faster* Scientifically advanced hydration system with Coconut water* Increase endurance and fuel ATP* 10g of amino acids with patent-pending BCAA 3:1:2 Ratio Amino1 (tm) was engineered to combine the performance of sports drinkswith the raw power of muscle growth stimulus found in muscle buildingproducts. Specially formulated for athletes of all types, Amino1 (tm) is aquick-absorbing formula that delivers endurance, muscle building andin-workout recovery when the day calls for going long. With 10g of aminoacids, Instantized BCAAs for sustained energy, and electrolytes, Amino1 (tm) helps athletes push past the soreness. KEY COMPONENTS: Scientifically Advanced Endurance andRecovery Support!* Support Against Muscular Fatigue Duringand After Exercise* Promote Recovery and Muscle Building fromTraining Sessions* Caffeine and Sugar Free - Can Be Used Anytime,Day or Night The Ultimate Hydration and Recovery System Anti-Catabolism/Muscle Sparing* Mixes Easily and Completely - No Clumping

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MusclePharm (r) Amino1 (tm) - Fruit Punch Review

I'm surprised of MusclePharm (r) Amino1 (tm) - Fruit Punch. This is my best buy!

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