Women's Complete-100 - 120 Packets Auto-Ship

Andrew Lessman Women's COMPLETE-100 Auto-Ship Andrew Lessman's COMPLETE-100 is the most comprehensive member of the COMPLETE family of formulas. Like all COMPLETE formulas it is 100% pure and contains only the nutrients you desire and no binders, fillers or additives of any kind. COMPLETE-100 comes as an ultra-fine powder in small, easy-to-swallow capsules that are guaranteed gentle even to sensitive stomachs. It provides all the benefits you seek from a multi-vitamin without any of the problems normally associated with their use. COMPLETE-100 delivers more than 40 nutrients, including high potencies of all essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and carotenoids. COMPLETE-100 is the purest and mildest ultra-potency multi-vitamin possible. It provides 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3, along with high levels of all the B-complex vitamins, including 500 mcg of Biotin and 250 mcg of our specially protected Vitamin B-12, plus 1,000 mg of non-acidic Vitamin C, along with the powerful protection of key carotenoids, including Lutein (5,000 mcg) , Lycopene (5,000 mcg) and hard-to-find Zeaxanthin (2,000 mcg) . Only the COMPLETE formulas provide Gamma Vitamin E, which experts agree is by far the most protective form of Vitamin E. Sadly, virtually every other multi-vitamin and separate Vitamin E formula uses inferior, less protective Alpha Vitamin E. The 100 in Complete-100 refers to the 100 mg of six vital ingredients this formula includes: Coenzyme Q-10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Resveratrol, EGCG, Pomegranate and Citrus Bioflavanoids. What You Get Women's COMPLETE-100 - 120 Perma-Fresh purple packets Made in USA Good to Know

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Women's Complete-100 - 120 Packets Auto-Ship Review

My friend were shocked when I come with this great Andrew Lessman Women's Complete-100 - 120 Packets Auto-Ship. It is so amazing and well designed. Also seller HSN did nice work.

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